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Travelling abroad on a student budget

Written by Greta Porter Everyone tells you to travel while you’re young, especially in your 20’s! But as a university student this can sometimes feel impossible with the expenses and commitments that come with studying. I myself have started booking...

A guide to student wellbeing

Try these simple tips to support your physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as you balance the demands of uni and life.

Responding to adversity as a full-time student

Written by Joel Sheasby During the pre-session weeks everything went according to plan. The four weeks of class leading into the semester passed exceptionally smooth for me, and I was ready to carry this momentum into the semester. On the evening of...

Music to help with motivation

Written by Michelle Curry Music is a powerful force! It can inspire you, it can help improve your mood and enhance your productivity and concentration. If you are feeling stressed with an upcoming assessment or deadlines, or the nerves are rolling...

Having a plan B for life (and still loving it)

Written by Joel Sheasby In May of 2019 I was rejected from all the universities I applied to in Canada. My chances of starting my studies to become a dentist in the upcoming academic year were gone. I could apply again next year, but realistically...

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