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Happy World Coffee Day

I work as a Barista at the moment and have interacted with many people on a daily basis. This has allowed me to see the different flavours of people as coffee orders. Let’s unpack that a little...

How to succeed learning online

Developing a routine and a set of skills that suit your study needs will allow you to quickly adjust to online learning and get the most out of it.

Student tips for dealing with COVID-19

I have had Covid twice this year, plus the flu a separate time. As an experienced veteran when it comes to being sick, here are some tips to help you get through isolation and get your studies back on track.

10 tips on how to thrive learning online

National Online Learning Day takes place on September 15 and with more and more students choosing to learn online, here are 10 tips to make the most out of online learning.

Life skills from a lifetime of studying

We can now fit education around normal life, but managing the distractions and overwhelm has become the new challenge. So, what have I learned from over a decade of being a student? Here are some key strategies I’ve developed to merge studying into...

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