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How to stay motivated while you’re on break

How to stay motivated while you’re on break


If you’re not studying during Session 3, the long break over the New Year can make for a rough starting Session 1. Sophie Watson shares her ways to stay motivated during the break to come back well prepared for Session 1.

Written by Sophie Watson

Keeping motivated over summer can be hard. After we have all finished our academic year, how do we stay busy over break? It’s important to maintain our friendships and activities to make the most out of our holidays. Here are my tips and ways to enjoy your summer, so that you return next session motivated and refreshed!

Seeing friends

Unlike school, most of your uni mates may live a far distance away, which can make it hard to catch up. Over summer I try to stay in touch with my friends by chatting regularly with everyone online. We all need to maintain friendships throughout the break to ensure that we stay happy and motivated.

Over the holidays, why don’t you plan a trip to visit your friends? This is a great way for you to see new areas of Australia while spending time with your mates! 

Catching up with friends.
Catching up with friends.

Part-time work

Working a part-time job over summer is a great way to stay motivated whilst earning money to put toward next session! We all have expenses at uni, so why not try and save some money over the break?  Currently, I am working two jobs, one is a casual retail job and the other is work that relates to my degree.

Summer is a great time to try and find industry related work for your degree. You could work in a pharmacy or aged care home if you study nursing or paramedicine, work at a childcare centre if you are studying teaching, or if you are like me and studying journalism, you could work at a radio station. Summer still isn’t over so challenge yourself to find a position before uni kicks off again!

Sophie and and her friend Cody gaining industry experience.
Sophie and and her friend Cody gaining industry experience.

Go exploring

To keep motivated and not get bored of home, go exploring each week! Try to dedicate a day where you go and find something new to do or see. If you live in a city this is easy! You could go and try a new cafe, a beach, a walk, a skill or an activity.

My friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed going to various places around the Central West this summer. Each week we go and find a new walk, swimming spot or cafe. It’s been a great way to keep connected and motivated. 

Exploring new places is always fun.
Exploring new places is always fun.

Life is all about balance

Regardless of what your hobbies and interests are, there are many ways to keep motivated this summer! In between working and saving money, try to stay active and see people who make you happy! Life is all about balance so ensure that you have a rest over the break. Have fun and ensure that you continue to try new things, we can’t wait to see you all in Session 1, 2023!

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