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Managing Long Distance Relationships while Studying 

Managing Long Distance Relationships while Studying 


Maddi chose uni purely for the pursuit for education, opportunity, and her future. BUT this meant moving away from the person she loves. Can she squeeze in time between her uni and social life for her partner of 5 years? OF COURSE and Maddi provides some great advice for those that are in a similar boat.

Written by Maddi Wegmann

Starting uni is a big deal for most of us. It’s a decision that involves prioritising personal growth and academic achievement, even if it means being far from loved ones.

My decision to move from South-Western NSW to the Mid-North Coast has meant navigating the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship while pursing educational goals.  

Studying at Port Macquarie campus over closer options like Wagga has allowed me to embrace new challenges and experiences that have helped me grow and develop as a student and future professional in the field of education and geography; learning to be a teacher who is prepared to make a difference.

This investment in my future is worth the 8-hour drive back home every 6-8 weeks.  

Maddi and her partner.

When I met my partner just before starting my second year of uni, I tried to keep things casual, not wanting to jump into a long-distance relationship right away and risk messing things up.

But we ended up going for it because we clicked and supported each other through some big changes – like me moving off campus to live with friends. Plus, he got me into horses, which I’ve grown to love and now really miss when I’m away.  

Balancing my studies with our long-distance has turned out to be a little challenging. It’s a constant juggle of coursework, assignments, and missing each other.

While we are privileged to live in today’s digital age where I can text ‘good morning’ and receive an instant reply, I love writing my partner letters.

They are one of the most heartfelt gestures, and a keepsake that we can hold onto and cherish, adding a nostalgic and romantic element to our relationship. 

Handling a long-distance relationship while studying is tough, no doubt about it, but at the end of the day, it’s all about trusting the process, cheering each other on, and treasuring those special moments that define a relationship built on love, support, and shared aspirations. 

  1. Focus on Quality Time. 

Despite having different schedules, try to find overlapping times where you can connect. My partner and I always facetime after dinner (sometimes we have dinner over facetime for ‘date night’), or we go to the gym during the evening and send snapchats of our workouts.

Make the most of your time by engaging in meaningful conversations and activities that strengthen your bond. 

  1. Communication is Key. 

Make communication a priority, even if it’s a brief message during the day. I will always send a ‘good morning’ message to him, and let him know if I’m going grocery shopping, or to work, or out with friends.  

  1. Support Each Other’s Goals. 

Show support for each other’s academic or professional goals. Understanding the demands of your partner’s schedule and offering encouragement can strengthen your relationship.  

  1. Send thoughtful Gestures. 

Surprise each other with gestures like letters, virtual gifts, or packages. My first week of classes, my partner arranged flowers to be delivered for me. A few weeks later, I ordered him a new Country Trucker Cap (CTC) that he had been wanting.

Long-distance relationships can be tough but maintaining a positive outlook and focusing on the reasons you’re committed to each other can help navigate through the challenges.

Don’t get disheartened by what others have to say about their experience. Sure, there are going to be challenges but you can make it work if you are willing to.

All you have to focus on is making your relationship happy and healthy.  

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