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Meet our talented bunch of Student Contributors!

Our blog contributors are a mix of Charles Sturt undergraduate and postgraduate students – all with different interests, from different areas and walks of life.

Faith Hanstock

Hi! My name is Faith, and I am studying a Bachelor of Communications (Theatre Media). I have taken over the role of Charlie Editor for 2023 and am super excited to see where this year goes! If you couldn’t already tell, I love musicals, writing, and being an absolute chatterbox to anyone who will listen.

Ada Crain

Hi I’m Ada and I am completing a Bachelor of Animal Science at Wagga Wagga campus, I grew up in rural Riverina and am excited to share some of my life with everyone! 

Brianna Aplin

Hi, I’m Bria! I’m currently a Communication student (Digital Media Production) with big dreams for creating documentaries and other videography projects in my future. For now I’m honing my writing skills with articles on books, films, and history. 

Chantelle Walsh

I’m Chantelle, an online Bachelor of Arts student majoring in History. Being an online student does not have to be isolating when you’re engaged in your studies and in the online world. I am the President of the Online SRC and The Social Club where staying connected is as far as the device in your pocket! I am passionate to inform students of exciting ways to meet new people in fun and engaging atmospheres!

Grace Carpenter

Hi, I’m Grace and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Paramedicine. I graduated high school in 2021 and have just moved from Canberra to Bathurst. Although I am new to university life, I hope to pass on what I have learnt to those who will be starting in the coming years. I am passionate about health, nature, and reading.

Greta Porter

I am an education student on Bathurst campus studying early childhood and primary teaching. I am passionate about many things including reading, teaching, motorsports, cricket, travel, film and music. I hope to bring refreshing and insightful content to charlie on topics of all ranges and have really been enjoying the whole process thus far.

Joel Sheasby

Hello wonderful people! My name is Joel, and I’m a dentistry student from Canada. I moved to Orange in 2020 and spend my time working out, mountain biking, and doing anything outdoors! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences as an international student, as well as the mischief I get myself up to in Australia.

Jordan Treloar

I’m a PhD student and a previous Charlie Editor. I love motorsport and it is a dream when all the Supercars roar around Mount Panorama in October. I look forward to writing and sharing content for all of you to enjoy.

Kate Armstrong

Hi everyone, my name is Kate Armstrong (technically Katelyn) and I’m a Physiotherapy student at CSU Orange! I moved from Wagga Wagga, where I grew up. I graduated from Wagga Wagga Christian College at the end of 2021 after completing my HSC. Some of my passions include baking, reading, long walks & dancing! I’m really enjoying the opportunities as a Charlie Contributor! 

Michelle Curry

Hi I’m Michelle and I’m studying a Bachelor of Education K-12 in Bathurst.

Nikki McGuinness

I am a mature age, Bachelor of Laws student from Victoria.  I have spent the last 20 years acquiring and refining legal practical skills and learning how to think like a lawyer. I am the President of the Charles Sturt University Law Society and a mental health advocate.

Pagan Harrison-Brown

I am currently studying a Masters in Communications and have a Bachelor’s in Journalism. I am a content creator for an online retailer and when I am not working or studying I am either streaming, modelling, or creating videos for my YouTube channel. I enjoy health and fitness, photography, traveling, cooking, and reading. I hope to share my experiences and passions with people.

Sophia McCaughan

Hi! My name is Sophia McCaughan and I am a Bachelor of Sports Media student on the Bathurst Campus. I am originally from Sydney but made the big move to Bathurst in 2021 and haven’t left since! I am extremely passionate about sport, especially rugby league, and also have a keen interest in domestic and international politics. You’ll see a range  of stories from me! 

Sophie Watson

Sophie’s bio is coming soon.

Stephen Hale-Worrall

Hi, I’m Stephen. I am a graduate of Health and Rehabilitation Science and am completing a Diploma in Exercise Studies. I love sharing my knowledge of exercise and health to help you live a happier, healthier life.

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