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Humans of Charles Sturt: Magnus Cameron

''Since opening up about my issues and communicating with the people closest to me, I have overcome this issue and have seen a dramatic improvement in my mental state and life.''

A Guide to Working Abroad in 2024

'Make your future self proud by starting the process today, and wherever you go, I hope you travel far enough and wide enough that you meet yourself.'

SSAF Funding: The Charlie Blog

As my time as Charlie Editor comes to an end, I look back upon Charlie and how SSAF Funding has allowed us to create the BEST uni blog yet! (Without being biased, of course.)

SSAF Funded Projects 2023

Ever wonder what that SSAF notice is on your Student Portal? Kate Armstrong tells us EXACTLY where our money is going, and how you can apply for funding with an awesome idea of your own.

Living on campus vs Living in town

When coming to uni, you're always faced with a tough decision - do I want to live on campus or do I want to live in town? As someone who has lived on both, Greta Porter shares the pros and cons to living on campus and in town.

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