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Packed lunch ideas for a big day at uni

Sometimes the craziness of a big day at uni can mean we skip out on eating yummy, nutritional food. Luckily, Michelle Curry shares her packed lunch ideas for a big day at uni.

Failing a subject: additional exam edition

Failing a subject is not a great feeling - but when we are offered the opportunity to sit an additional exam (AE) to pass the subject, we take it! Ada Crain talks first-hand on her experience, sharing her tips to passing her AE.

Cooking on a budget

Trying to save funds and minimise wasting money on food can be a tricky balance. After sharing her cheap and easy meals, Grace Carpenter shares how she cooks on a budget.

How to stay motivated while you’re on break

If you're not studying during Session 3, the long break over the New Year can make for a rough starting Session 1. Sophie Watson shares her ways to stay motivated during the break to come back well prepared for Session 1.

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