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‘HomeGrown’: The newest radio show riding the airwaves of 2MCE

‘HomeGrown’: The newest radio show riding the airwaves of 2MCE


‘HomeGrown’ is a new radio show broadcasted on the Bathurst Campus community radio station, 2MCE. Creator and Host Remy Naughton shares how ‘HomeGrown’ came to be.

Written by Remy Naughton

Hilltop Hoods? Ziggy Alberts? Spacey Jane?

These are just a few artists that I grew up listening to as a kid while dad would rock out in his shed of an afternoon after work.

I used to live in an old beach town where every shop and café you would walk into would have Aussie music playing. This type of music has always been in and around my life and since then, I have always had a passion and love for New Australian music and wanted to have a radio show that expressed just that!

Remy as a young girl with her father.
Remy as a young girl with her dad.

The beginning of HomeGrown

After 13 years of schooling and looking into EVERY university that offered a Bachelor of Communications, I finally settled on Charles Sturt due to the facilities that would help me grow in the industry.

In the first week of classes, our cohort was told about the community radio station on the Bathurst campus, 2MCE. A few friends and I tried to get the show through, but nothing came of it, so I decided to go out on my own.

HomeGrown is about spotlighting artists that may not yet have a voice on commercial radio stations or have a following, so my job is to uncover great artists from a range of platforms like social media or AMRAP and show people how amazingly talented they are – which is where the name of the show comes from – Homegrown talent.

The 'HomeGrown' Logo.
The ‘HomeGrown’ logo.

Preparing a show

Before a show, I prepare by creating a basic run-sheet by looking out for new and exciting information in the music industry that people would be interested in, and then scouring the internet for new songs across Australia from known and yet-to-be-known artists. As well as this, I try to get interviews from musicians to get an insight into the reasoning behind their music and who inspires them.

I had the opportunity to interview Melbourne-based artist, Nick Keogh about his new song Ketamine, which was a reflection on privilege. If you want to catch the full interview, you can listen in on our Instagram page!

Remi in the radio station.
Remy in the radio station.

Balancing… well, everything!

It can be difficult to find time to reach out to musicians and record interviews, as well as create an exciting show, but I really do enjoy all parts of creating HomeGrown and then putting it to air. But I am like every other university student that has to work, so I find that my calendar is an absolute godsend to set and find time for work, sports, extra-curriculars and time for myself.

Remi live on air!
Remy live on air!


While the show is on break, I have been interning at a big commercial radio station in Darwin, which has taught me so much about the industry. The experience has given me great insight, tips and tricks into how I can make my show even better! 

So, get ready for 2023! I have many interviews with up-and-coming artists from all across Australia and great music coming to you!

HomeGrown airs every Wednesday from 6pm on 2MCE. You can find us at on the web, 92.3 in Bathurst or 97.4 in Orange. We have crazy interviews coming up and exciting news about the music industry coming to you, so make sure to listen!

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