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Travel tips for International Students

Moving countries can be very overwhelming, especially coming to a country as large as Australia. It can take a long time to travel around the place, so here are some key travel tips to help you during your stay at a CSU campus! 1. Know where you...

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Ways to celebrate Australia Day

Australia Day is one of the most celebrated public holidays of the year. It’s a day when most take time away from work and study to celebrate all of the great things about Australia. On this day we’re usually spoilt for choice when deciding...

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Your typical Aussie Christmas

An Australian Christmas is far from anything we see in the movies. Firstly, there’s no opening presents in front of a roaring fire, no snowball fights, and no ugly Christmas sweaters to wear (not complaining). Instead, we have backyard...

City views of Melbourne, Australia

Get exploring

by Amy Carlon Summer holidays are finally here (HOORAY) and if you have some free time between work and summer subjects, here are some places you may want to check out! Personally, I’m looking forward to travelling as there is so much to do and see...

Homecoming celebrations for Olympic champions

Our Olympic champions have touched down in Australia after a successful Rio 2016 Olympics campaign and congratulations are in order to all who participated in the games, including our very own CSU sport stars. If you’ve been keeping up with the...

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