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Boost your energy today

Boost your energy today

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If your tank feels stuck on empty, these easy tips will quickly turn around your day and reboot your energy levels without breaking the bank.

It starts with how you eat

  • Up your water intake. Drinking water is an instant energy boost. Add sliced cucumber or lemon to cold water, or fresh ginger to hot water to keep it interesting.
  • Swap out high-carb snacks. Take popcorn, biscuits, bread, chips and similar items out of your diet and replace with protein-based foods such as yogurt, fruit smoothies, peanut butter on apples or cheese.

Rest up

  • Nap without guilt. Take a quick, 20 minute nap so you can rest without waking up sluggish. Try napping outside or on your favourite comfy couch.
  • Go to bed earlier. Just 30 minutes earlier each night can make a huge difference to how you feel the next morning. If you are finding yourself exhausted by the end of the week, try adding in one super early night per week and you can easily catch an extra four hours.
  • Meditate. A short meditation session first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to transition from sleep and start the day feeling energetic and alert. A meditation break after lunch can quickly reset your energy levels.

Switch up your scene

  • Exercise. It doesn’t have to be a one-hour gym session. Think a 20 minute walk, quick swim in your lunch break or an online yoga session before dinner.
  • Change up your location. Is your task portable? Try the library, the learning commons or your favourite cafe to reinvigorate your focus.
  • Get wet. A swim, shower or even just splashing your face with cold water can instantly boost your energy level.
  • Break for stretches. Taking a five-minute stretch break every hour can help combat both mental and physical fatigue.
  • Get yourself outside. A few minutes soaking up some sunshine and fresh air can seriously boost your energy. Double points for finding some green space and ditching those shoes!

Set your space right

  • No more energy-sucking distractions. Email and message alerts interrupt your work flow and leave you having to decipher a response. Just turn it off.
  • Set up playlists. Set up a few playlists with music that boosts your energy and mood. Double points for a quick dance break to shake off fatigue.
  • Knock off that to-do list. Delegate, delete, or delay as many tasks as you can. Feel that energy-draining stress evaporate.

Finally, remember your why. Connecting in to exactly why you are doing a particular task can help improve how you feel about doing it. Visualise yourself with your degree in hand and see the task in front off you as a step towards reaching your end goal.

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