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The Power of a Morning Routine: A Psychological Perspective

''Being a student and balancing study, work, health, family, and other obligations can be quite stressful at times. By creating your own morning ritual, you can help manage that stress more effectively and start out each day with a win.''

Meet the Contributor: Dominic Giuliano

Did you catch Dom Giuliano's open letter to psychology students? Here's an opportunity to get to know more about him and hear his perspective on finding a career purpose, questioning life decisions and the valuable lessons you can learn along the...

An open letter to Psychology students

While currently undertaking his Masters of Psychological Practice, Dominic Giuliano writes an open letter of advice to those studying the 'incredibly rich, complex and fascinating field' of psychology.

Clean, Peaceful & Positive: How to Look After Yourself

The world is a weird place at the moment. We all face different challenges in this current situation so with that in mind, here is a guide on some of the things that you can do to feel refreshed, be more at peace and be positive whilst looking after...

Instilling Daily Mindfulness the Easy Way

It can be a nightmare when attempting to turn new activities into habits. This has been widely studied – to create habits we would need to routinely do the activity over a period of time. Mindfulness is a practice that focuses on relaxing the...

Are animals a study help or hindrance?

by Cassidy Brown Assistance dogs are changing the way we can study at Charles Sturt University. This is due to increasing awareness of the ability of animals to improve mental and physical health. To clarify, there are three categories of assistance...

Positive body image mantra

by Cassidy Brown To feel energised and motivated inside, we have to give ourselves tender, loving care while at university. Having a positive body image comes from engaging in regular self-care activities: Avoid an excessive use of social media Stop...

Boost your energy today

If your tank feels stuck on empty, these easy tips will quickly turn around your day and reboot your energy levels without breaking the bank. It starts with how you eat Up your water intake. Drinking water is an instant energy boost. Add sliced...

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