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Positive body image mantra

Positive body image mantra

by Cassidy Brown

To feel energised and motivated inside, we have to give ourselves tender, loving care while at university. Having a positive body image comes from engaging in regular self-care activities:

  • Avoid an excessive use of social media
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Learn to respect and appreciate your body

Recently, I examined my own daily routine. As I study online, I have limited face-to-face contact with other students and it definitely saves me money and time by not having to dress up and leave home.

However, I am guilty of neglecting personal grooming to increase available study time but I did not want to drop my appearance standards altogether.

So, I adopted a more balanced approach. This meant setting aside enough time for:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Adequate sleep
  • Exercise
  • Nutritious diet

After implementing this plan, I gained a deeper understanding of how my body and mind are connected. It has improved my energy levels and given me greater mental clarity.

Skipping a few basic morning tasks might not seem harmful but this can quickly turn into a habit. If you notice any unhealthy patterns arising due to study pressure, it is worth addressing them as soon as possible.

Body image issues can develop at university and if it starts to feel overwhelming, seek professional counselling. Feeling negative about your body, over-exercising and extreme dieting can do more harm than good, sometimes leading to a more serious mental health issue.

While at Uni, I have also learnt about the notion of negativity bias and how the brain is more likely to remember bad experiences such as verbal bullying, insults, abuse and body shaming. To be more confident, recognise when you are having negative thoughts and be kind to yourself.

You may find it handy to use the strategy of a weekly planner to monitor time spent on personal care.

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