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Humans of Charles Sturt: Ash Corby

'As a child, I wanted to be a professional athlete but back when I was growing up girls didn’t receive the same kind of recognition as men, so back then it was only a dream to get paid to play sport. ‘

Setting your health and fitness goals for 2023

There are many ways to set and work out goals to be the best version of you! Isaac Coldicott shares an insightful approach to attaining goals and his personal efforts to achieve in 2023.

Meet Charlie contributor, Pagan Harrison-Brown

Pagan Harrison-Brown has been a continuing asset to the Charlie contributor team! Here, you can find out more about her… Growing up I don’t really remember much of my childhood, but I was born and raised in Wagga Wagga. We then moved to...

Kickstarting your health means back to basics

With COVID lockdowns there has been a major impact on nutrition for many people. Whether it is through the stress and anxiety COVID has brought on people, or if these are disorders that are re-surfacing due to the pandemic, professionals are still...

Incorporating Exercise into Student Life

Exercise can be super fun but they always seem to be time consuming and difficult to commit to. While some thrive on doing an hour long workout in the morning all at once or a two hour workout in the evening, for a lot of us that’s just too big of a...

Fun, Free and QUICK Workouts

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve wanted to get more fit but the thought a forty five minute cardio workout made me feel faint, I’d be as rich as a New York City hot dog vendor in winter. However, great workouts don’t have to take ages...

New Year, New Me?

by Lucy Perrie Christmas is done and dusted for another year as is New Years Eve, as we all counted down together with fireworks in the background to a new year and indeed a new decade. As we welcome a new year, now is the time to stick to those new...

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