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The Travellers Guide: From the Comfort of Your Home to the Great Outdoors

The Travellers Guide: From the Comfort of Your Home to the Great Outdoors

Our world has become subsequently smaller. Now-a-days we are unable to book that train, plane or boat ticket and go on an adventure.

So, what can we do instead? There are many activities just outside our homes that can satisfy that thirst of adventure and allow you to experience the new things that you might do when on holidays!

Art Galleries

More than likely there is an art gallery or museum that is open and waiting for you! Check out their website beforehand to ensure they don’t have potential booking systems in place to limit numbers. Otherwise, galleries and museums are great places to experience and see different sights, sounds or smells! Have a look and see what is on display and challenge yourself to see an exhibition that you may not have otherwise gone to see.

Bush Walking

Grab your backpack, water bottle and a best friend! Check out the local hiking trials near you! If you don’t have any bush walking tracks, look online to see your closets nature walk. It is important to get outside and be immersed in nature and the environment. If you start doing this routinely, you’ll discover that you become more at peace and you’ll develop a stronger mental resilience and flexibility to change.


Your local animal adoption facilities are sometimes on the lookout for volunteers to walk their dogs. This is a great way to get outside make a few furry friends and do some good. Helping out your local community is a great way to make a difference, expand your horizon with new experiences and help break up weekly activities.

If you are unsure where to start looking for experiences, check out areas that you can visit in your surrounding neighbourhoods. Make a list and tick them off one by one! Happy Adventuring!

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