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My volunteering story: Battling natural disasters at Port Mac

Em grew up in the Inner-West and never had to deal with natural disasters, so it was certainly a shock for her when she received an evacuation call during the 2019 bushfires. Read below about her resilience and journey to becoming a volunteer for...

Top places to volunteer this summer

In the season of giving, why not consider giving of your time and efforts to communities in need? Kate Armstrong shares some insightful tips on volunteering, including where and why you should consider giving it a go this summer!

How to make the most of uni break

Want to plan ahead for the summer break? Charles Sturt student, Kate Armstrong, shares her top 5 tips of things to do over the summer to help keep you occupied!

How to Wear a Suit the Right Way

Deciding on the right outfit for a job interview can be a daunting thought – more so than the actual interview! The basis to this kind of worry stems from wanting to make the right impression to your future employers. Wearing an outfit that you are...

How to Show Passion in a Job Interview

Job interviews are tricky to navigate. One element to achieving success in an interview is to demonstrate passion and commitment to the role and the company. How do you Convey Passion? It is difficult to remain authentic when conveying passion if...

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