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How to make the most of uni break

How to make the most of uni break


Want to plan ahead for the summer break? Charles Sturt student, Kate Armstrong, shares her top 5 tips of things to do over the summer to help keep you occupied!

Written by Kate Armstrong

Summer holidays go from the end of October to the end of February, for most students at Charles Sturt University.

After the go, go, go and the deadlines of the session it is important to consider how you spend your time and make the most of the break!

Planning ahead and preparing for how we fill our time is crucial to ensure that we are ready for the next hectic session!

Here are a few different ideas for things to fill your time:

  • Take up a new hobby

With plenty of free time on your hands, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and take on something new!

Remember that balance is critical and the summer holidays is the time to rest and rejuvenate after the stress of the exams and assessments all session.

You might find that you enjoy reading when you pick up a book (not a textbook this time!).

Or you might like to put your baking skills to the test and try out some new recipes so that you are prepared with delicious dinners for next uni session!

Take up a new hobby such as water colouring or painting
  • Take a summer subject

Make sure that you are taking a sufficient break, but if you do find you have lots of spare time, taking a summer subject or two can help you get ahead for next year.

Lots of subjects have the option of being taken online, which means you can take them from home – or wherever you may be!

It also helps to ease the load for the following year if you have a subject or two out of the way!

But remember to also take time to rest!

  • Get a summer job

The summer holidays are the perfect time to save up for the following year of university – especially over the Christmas and New Year Holidays where lots of full time workers request time off.

You might like to get a job in your home town or travel somewhere and experience a new place – like a fruit picking job in the country!

You can also aim to find a job in the sector of work that you are looking to move into in the future and gain new contacts and valuable work experience.

Apple picking
  • Travel

Another way to see and experience new places is by taking on either a solo or group adventure to a new place!

It doesn’t have to be expensive either, a simple camping trip can be more exciting than you expect!

You can discover cultures that you’ve never experienced before, and meet new people with a variety of experiences along the way!

While you’re on the move, set some time aside to visit friends and family that you don’t get to see while you’re away at university, and keep in touch with old friendships and what’s going on in your local community.

Travel around Australia, we have some amazing beaches!
  • Take the opportunity to do some volunteer work!

Volunteering is a fulfilling and meaningful way to spend extra time during the summer holidays!

It might be volunteering for a local cause that needs an extra pair of hands, or it might be taking on some work experience to expand your job options in the future.

There are many areas that have activities that need volunteers help including second hand stores, RSPCA, Youth Recreation Centres and Wildlife Services.

Check your local areas Facebook page or website for volunteer opportunities specific to that area.

This is a great way to assist and engage with your local community while also gaining invaluable skills for your resume when looking for a career in the future.

Volunteer at your local summer show!

A final note from Kate

Hopefully these tips give you some ideas of how to stay productive but also restful throughout your summer break!

Remember to take some time for yourself and reward yourself for your hard work throughout the semester!

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