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How to overcome end of holiday blues

Sometimes, coming back to uni after holidays can get you down in the dumps. After travelling around Europe these holidays, Greta Porter knows exactly how you feel - and let's us know how you can overcome end-of-holiday blues.

The Origins of Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated every year, but do we actually know why? Megan Seis shares with us the origins of Boxing Day, and how it came to be.

Top things to watch over summer

Nothing, absolutely nothing. That’s what beats a good ol’ Netflix binge session. Netflix has all sorts of binge worthy shows and movies. Bingeable TV 1: ‘The Good Place’ Starting off strong with The Good Place. The appeal of this...

My tried and tested easy Christmas drink ideas

This selection of Christmas drinks are easy to make with simple ingredients. It’s a fun and easy way to spread the Christmas cheer!  Glow Waters I found this drink one of the easiest Christmas themed drinks you can make. Choose to add in fruits...

Port Macquarie Students on Town Beach

Natural Sunburn Treatments

With all your summer holiday shenanigans, you’re sure to be sporting the singlet tan look by the start of first semester 2020. However, with than bronzed tan might come some uncomfortable burnt skin. Be sure to avoid getting sunburnt by applying...

Taking time off is essential

I have been called a studyholic on numerous occasions. During semester time I do focus on study and it is my number one priority. However, during the holidays I forget about study, schedules and assignments. I know lots of people who study during...

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