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Sleep: The Unsung Hero in Health, Wellbeing, and Performance

Sleep: The Unsung Hero in Health, Wellbeing, and Performance


January 3 is recognised as the Festival of Sleep Day. It is a celebration of sleep, and relaxation after a long holiday period. Charlie Contributor, Dominic Giuliano, shares some insight into the benefits of a good nights rest.

Written by Dominic Giuliano

Is it that time, already?

As we gear up for the Festival of Sleep, now is the perfect time to dip into the realm of rejuvenation and uncover the secrets of a good nights sleep, especially for those hardworking Charles Sturt students clocking overtime on work, study, and family commitments.

While it’s no news that catching quality ZZZ’s is essential to good health, there are some other important benefits in regulating mood, attention, and motivation that often go unnoticed (until you’ve had a bad night’s sleep).

January 3 marks the Festival of Sleep Day

5 reasons to recharge and go to bed early

Brain Recharge Station:

Imagine your brain as a high-powered computer that works tirelessly throughout the day.

Just like your gadgets need a recharge, your brain craves it too!

Quality sleep is your brains way of hitting the reset button. During those peaceful hours, your brain consolidates memories, organises information, and builds neural connections.

It’s essentially the time when your brain transforms the chaos of the day into a well-organised filing system, ensuring you wake up with a fresh, alert mind ready to tackle new challenges and go beyond.

Boost Your Learning Power:

Ever wondered why pulling all-nighters rarely results in a stellar performance on that big test?

Sleep plays a crucial role in the learning process.

When you snooze, your brain solidifies the skills and knowledge acquired during the day.

It’s like cement setting in a mould – the longer and more undisturbed the process, the stronger the foundation.

Mood Makeover:

Adequate sleep isn’t just a magic cure for the physical body; it works wonders for your emotional well-being too.

Ever notice how everything seems more daunting and overwhelming when you’re running on empty?

That’s the power of sleep on your mood.

A good nights rest (or even a cheeky 30 minute power nap) helps regulate emotions, reduce stress, and increase resilience.

So, before letting a bad day snowball into a bad week, make sure you’re giving your body and mind the rejuvenation they need.

Immunity Shield:

Whether you’re on-campus or online, we’re all susceptible to the effects of germs and viruses that are especially prevalent during those chilly months.

Your secret weapon against the common cold or flu?

You guessed it – sleep!

A well-rested body is better equipped to tackle whatever germs threaten to throw you off course.

Fuel for Creativity:

Do you ever wake up with a brilliant idea that seems to have materialised out of nowhere?

Well, you can thank your brains creative prowess, fuelled by a good nights sleep.

During the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, your brain engages in creative problem-solving and idea generation.

If you’re looking to boost your creativity, don’t underestimate the power of your unconscious mind.

A final note from Dominic

In conclusion, while I do not recommend hitting that snooze button every time it goes off, there are clear benefits to getting regular, quality sleep.

Research shows that having a consistent bedtime and eliminating any luminescent bedroom distractions that trick your brain into staying awake can aid in the quality and depth of sleep – which means a better you each day!

Give yourself the gift of sleep, and your grades and brain will thank you for it.

Stop hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock!

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