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Your First Day at Charles Sturt University: Tess’ Guide to Session 2 Orientation

Your First Day at Charles Sturt University: Tess’ Guide to Session 2 Orientation


Are you starting uni in Session 2? Orientation is the absolute best way to dive right into uni life. Tess Ezzy has been there and done that and gives us the goss on what you can expect for Session 2 Orientation 2024!

Written by Tess Ezzy

Starting your journey at Charles Sturt University is an exciting time, filled with opportunities to meet new people, explore new places, and set the foundation for a great academic term.

As an online student who completed my undergraduate studies at a different university, I understand the importance of a well-structured orientation.

At orientation, I joined so many clubs and social sports that helped me feel part of the on-campus community.

I met my best friends from Uni during orientation – it’s one of the things I miss now that I study online and I really recommend you to go and make the most of it.

Here’s a detailed rundown of what to expect on your first day at Charles Sturt University and how to make the most of it. Let’s pack our bags and go!

Charlie contributor Tess Ezzy

The Welcome Event

The day kicks off with a welcome event on each campus. This event is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of what to expect during your time at Charles Sturt University.

It covers essential housekeeping details, an outline of the day’s program, and engaging icebreakers to help you get to know your fellow students.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends both within and outside your course, setting you up for success for a supportive and connected university experience.

Support Services Sessions

Understanding the various support services available to you as a Charles Sturt student is crucial.

These sessions are designed to familiarise you with the academic skills help, careers and skills hub, library resources, scholarships, and more.

Do you know how helpful it is to know how to use the library? Here are some key resources to explore:

  • Academic Skills: Gain insights into enhancing your study techniques and academic writing.
  • Careers and Skills Hub: Learn about career planning and skill development opportunities.
  • Library: Get in the know of all resources and facilities available within both our online and on-campus libraries.
  • Scholarships: Discover various scholarship options available to support your studies.
  • Student Central: Your go-to place for all student support services.

Campus Tour

Navigating a new campus can be a little scary, but you know what will help? A campus tour!  It’s truly the best way to get your bearings.

It’s essential to know where specific classrooms, residence support, gyms, and other key buildings are all located. Charles Sturt campuses are extensive, and having a mental map of important locations will ease your transition into university life.

Another tip: Print out a physical map and have it on you while you are still learning how to get around. People will even start asking you for help.

Once you know your way around campus, why not ride your bike to get around!

Free Lunch and Networking

A free lunch is provided to everyone, offering the perfect opportunity to mingle with other students and engage with academic staff.

This relaxed setting allows you to build connections within the Charles Sturt community, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Course Orientations

Each course has unique requirements, including work placements and differences between tutorials, lectures, and practicals. Course orientation sessions are a great way to understand these specifics.

Academic staff will be available to answer all your questions, helping you prepare adequately for your classes. Use this time to clarify any doubts and set yourself up for a successful semester.

Also, this is a great way to meet friends who are doing the course with you. Study buddies anyone?

Stay Connected

Keeping an eye on the Student Portal, SRC Facebook pages, and the Charles Sturt Students Facebook page is essential for staying updated on social events and activities happening on-campus and online.

These events are great opportunities to meet new people and further immerse yourself in the university experience.

For more information, click here.

Even though I am an online student now, my experiences attending orientation every year during my undergraduate studies have shown me how valuable these events are.

They not only provide essential information but also create lasting memories and friendships. Embrace your orientation day at Charles Sturt University and make the most of every opportunity it offers!

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