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Humans of Charles Sturt: Zoe Rodwell

''Turning up to work to such beautiful green spaces is such a privilege. Since starting with the Sustainability Team, I have found a new appreciation for how extraordinary our campuses are.''

Please, call me ‘Doctor’…. soon

After falling pregnant with her first child, English teacher Hannah Hawker decided to take matters into her own hands when her local hospital lost it's maternity services. She is now currently apart of Charles Sturt's medical program, and we can't...

The Origins of Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated every year, but do we actually know why? Megan Seis shares with us the origins of Boxing Day, and how it came to be.

How I juggle motherhood and study

I often get asked “How do you do it? How do you find time to study with kids?” Well, I’m never too sure how to answer that question. I’m not a super organised person, rather I just approach it one week at a time, one session at a time.

4 ways to be more environmentally friendly

While you’re at home for the holidays, you can show your family some easy ways of being environmentally friendly around the house. Land and water pollution is largely fed by the consumerist culture we live in, which has people throwing out billions...

Perks of going home over summer

Going home over summer can be helpful to take time to relieve stress and move at a slower pace, without the pressure of assessments and exam deadlines. It’s a great opportunity to get back in touch with life outside of Uni, so I’ve...

How do I fit study into my family

  Study can easily get squeezed out of your day as a parent or carer. You constantly have different demands on your time and someone always needing your attention. Tying to fit study in to the changeable needs of your family can be a challenge...

Studying when time isn’t on your side

The world we live in is increasingly fast-paced and we are all time poor. Here’s your fast-tracked guide to getting the most out of your day: Bite-sized chunks. Study in bite-sized chunks, for example short 10 or 20 minute bursts throughout...

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