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Elevate your academic performance

''Don't let past setbacks make you believe that improvement is out of reach. Embrace your mistakes and welcome constructive feedback with open arms. In the wise words of the Latin phrase, "ancora imparo" – I'm always learning.''

My Top 6 Movie Picks on Netflix

Stuck for something to watch over the summer break? Need a distraction from Session 3? Ada shares her top 6 movie recommendations on Netflix. Grab your popcorn and favourite blanket, it's time to relax!

How to make the most of uni break

Want to plan ahead for the summer break? Charles Sturt student, Kate Armstrong, shares her top 5 tips of things to do over the summer to help keep you occupied!

How to unwind after a big day of uni work

Written by Kate Armstrong Coming straight from high school to university, there was one thing I discovered very quickly. That is both school and university are equally difficult! Prioritising my time and making the most of it is critical. however...

Movie Reviews for Students: The Lorax

Did you love The Cat in The Hat as a child? Does the Grinch feature in your Christmas festivities? Looking for a fun movie to watch with your family and friends?   Dr. Seuss has made some of the best creative children’s stories and his...

My study playlist

New year, new study method! Contrary to popular belief, studying in complete silence isn’t actually the best way to focus and memorise study content. However, it does depend on the music and the student. There are certain sounds and genres of...

How to use your breaks wisely

How to use your breaks wisely

by Amy Carlon Time flies at uni when we get caught up with study and work. Usually the only thing getting us through is the light (holidays) at the end of the tunnel. Picture it – laying back and binge watching Netflix for 14 days straight. However...

How to get rid of your holiday boredom

How to get rid of your holiday boredom

Finally! Holidays are here and exams are over. Now that they are finally here I have decided to not repeat what I do every single holidays. Waste them! I always have a massive plan to get so much done during the uni holidays but never seem to get...

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