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My Top 6 Movie Picks on Netflix

My Top 6 Movie Picks on Netflix


Stuck for something to watch over the summer break? Need a distraction from Session 3? Ada shares her top 6 movie recommendations on Netflix. Grab your popcorn and favourite blanket, it’s time to relax!

Written by Ada Crain

Now that we have all finished our final session of the year, apart from working we all of a sudden have a lot of free time.

For me Netflix is one way of using up that time. The following movies are some that I recommend.

The Gray Man

This movie released last year is action packed, and features Chris Evans, and Ryan Gosling.

It features a CIA agent who discovers corruption within the agency and in doing so comes in possession of a chip that holds information critical to undermining this.

The movie is based on the people who used to be his bosses sending a rouge psychopathic operative played by Chris Evans after him across the world.

This movie is action packed and is definitely in my top 10 movies ever watched.

6 Underground

This movie is another action movie, featuring Ryan Reynolds. Himself an other characters have faked their deaths, and given numbers as identification to help One (Ryan Reynolds) a tried billionaire knock a dictator off his throne.

6 Underground has an extremely emotional backstory and amazing car chases. This is in my top 3 favourite movies and is definitely worth the watch.

Red Notice

Red Notice is also another Ryan Reynolds movie and follows an art thief in his pursuit of one the worlds greatest secrets, with the help of an unusual accomplice, an FBI agent who has been chasing him for years.

The FBI agent is portrayed by The Rock, who reluctantly teams up with an art thief to catch an even larger threat played by Gal Gadot.

Released in 2021, this movie is full of typical Reynolds humour and should not be overlooked as an important watch.

Code 8

Released in 2019, Code 8 is a science fiction film featuring the notion of people with super-powers used for normal tasks, such as heavy lifting, and the ability to wield electricity.

One in particular electric, played by Robbie Amell, wants to use his powers to illegally earn extra money to save his sick mother forced to work shifts at a convenience store.

Phar Lap

As a horse lover, this movie is extremely important as part of Australia’s racing history.

Based on the real life legend, Phar Lap features the creation of this amazing racehorse and tells the story of how he became such a legend, and his unfortunate and terrible end.


The Hunger Games Series

Another personal top 3 is all the Hunger Games movies featuring Jennifer Lawrence.

This is a science fiction story where the world is divided into 12 districts that produce goods needed for the Capitol.

The Hunger Games occurs every year, where a female and male child aged 12-18 is chosen at random from each district to fight to the death in a ring designed for an entertaining end to their lives.

Katniss Everdeen volunteers for her younger sister and begins the uprising against these games. The 4 movies of this story are all amazing and if you haven’t watched them, they are definitely worth it.

Hunger Games Series

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