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8 Things You NEED To Do This Summer

For those of you who aren't studying Session 3, Summer is the time to start getting stuff done. Sophia McCaughan shares 8 things you NEED to do this Summer.

Clean out, move out and donate

With summer just around the corner I realised I probably needed to start fresh and get rid of things that are just gathering dust.

Top things to watch over summer

Nothing, absolutely nothing. That’s what beats a good ol’ Netflix binge session. Netflix has all sorts of binge worthy shows and movies. Bingeable TV 1: ‘The Good Place’ Starting off strong with The Good Place. The appeal of this...

Have fun with us over the summer break

Summer is approaching and here at Charlie, we like to celebrate that a little bit. Whether you are finished for the year and are now relaxing after completing your exams and assessments, or if you are studying over Session 3, there will be something...

Holiday Destination in Focus: Darwin

With a couple of weeks before the start of semester 1 for 2020, why not continue that travel bug while you’ve got time and visit an underrated part of Australia. Here is part four of our holiday destination in focus: Darwin. This capital city...

Holiday Destination in Focus: Perth

After discovering the gems to discover in Sydney and in Hobart, welcome to Part 3 of holiday destinations to explore before summer is over. Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia, is located thirty minutes from pristine beaches and...

Holiday Destination in Focus: Hobart

As the days wind down until Semester 1 begins in 2020, what perfect way to also round out summer than with a bit of travelling? We looked at Sydney in Part 1, and now let’s look at another gem of Australia. Hobart offers the curious traveller...

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