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Benefits of having a part time job over summer

Benefits of having a part time job over summer


Is your bank account a little too low for your liking? No need to fear, Ada shares her top tips to help you find that perfect job this summer!

Written by Ada Crain

When uni breaks in at the end of October our first reaction is to celebrate and live life to the fullest, but when money is tight and the cost of living is high, this can be a tricky balance!

A solution is getting a part time job for those four months of freedom.

A job not only allows you to become more financially stable after a year of not having enough time to make good money, but also allows you to find a job that may give you an idea of where you would like to go with your degree.

For example, getting a harvesting job from November to early January may allow you to gain some insight into what it’s like to become a farmer and decide if that life is for you.

Getting a job over summer may present you with an opportunity to work on a casual basis over the uni year.

There are many ways in which you are able to get or find a job – these can include websites such as Seek, LinkedIn or social media pages.

Another way is also through word of mouth.

Many of your friends who have jobs may know that their work place is hiring or of other places of work that are looking for employees, and this is a great way to further build a network within your area.

In addition, Charles Sturt has a website which allows you to use different factors such as areas and specific jobs that you might be looking for, this can be found here.

Charles Sturt Jobs Board

Having a part time job over the summer allows you to gain more skills that you can use in your future career.

These skills will also be very important for when interviewing for roles as questions may be asked that require you to use past experiences to explain how you might solve a problem.

While also gaining a larger network, you can create friendships with your coworkers which is always a plus, and may help you in the future.

So even though the thought of partying and shopping your way through our nearly 4 months off sounds amazing, there are many benefits to getting a part time job.

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