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5 ways to save money this Christmas

The idea of buying Christmas presents can be both exciting and expensive - but it doesn't have to be! Megan Seis shares 5 ways you can buy Christmas gifts on a budget.

Top tips on saving money while at placement

Going on placement is an exciting time, but what's NOT exciting is how much money you'll end up spending. After finishing his first round of placement, Archie Lickess shares his top tips for saving money while at placement.

Greta receives life changing scholarship

Written by Greta Porter Charles Sturt University’s scholarship ceremony for Bathurst and Orange students was held on Friday 20 May, and I was very fortunate to be one of this year’s recipients. Each year, Charles Sturt University offers more...

Sustainable Living: Choose who you support wisely

The first step in living sustainability is by supporting your own local artists, creators, and businesses. You might ask why is this part of sustainable living? In supporting locally, you are eliminating international transport emissions, keeping...


How to get the most cash from selling your textbooks

With the new year comes a new study chapter! Maybe you’ve just completed your degree or finished a subject and are wondering what to do with those old textbooks. Here are some tips on how to get the most cash for your textbooks. Find your market...

New Year, New Me?

by Lucy Perrie Christmas is done and dusted for another year as is New Years Eve, as we all counted down together with fireworks in the background to a new year and indeed a new decade. As we welcome a new year, now is the time to stick to those new...

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