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Move out Harvard, Charles Sturt offers Law!

Move out Harvard, Charles Sturt offers Law!


Thinking about studying at Harvard? Why spend thousands of dollars to move overseas when you can study Law here in Australia with Charles Sturt! Read Geilan’s experience studying Law and Criminal Justice below!

Written by Geilan Khodedah

As a Law and Criminal Justice student here at Charles Sturt, a lot of people often ask “So why did you choose to study Law? ”.

For me personally (and I’m sure for so many other Law students) is a complex question that I myself often struggle to find an answer to… because there isn’t just one reason to it.

Countless people assume getting into Law is just about the money, but it is so much more than that and here’s why.

Why I chose Law?

For me, studying Law is more than just a way to make a living. It’s a calling to speak up for people who can’t speak for themselves, to fight against unfair systems, and to help make society fairer.

I come from an ethnic minority who have been through many injustices, so growing up I witnessed the struggles my family, as well as my community, had to endure; which ignited the desire in me to advocate for justice.

By 15 years of age, my passion for Law and Justice was clear. Apart from that, I like to do hard things, I like being challenged, and I like being able to say that I’ve done something right, something difficult, something victorious.

Many people who come in contact with the legal system don’t have the right representation or sometimes no representation at all. I want to represent the people who truly need it; especially women and children.

I believe there is always good in bad, so why not be the good?!

On-campus and off-campus experience

Whether you study these two degrees on-campus or off-campus, the experience is always unforgettable.

When you’re studying online, you have your schedule in your own hands; you basically build it yourself because it is self-paced, apart from having a Zoom class scheduled on (mostly one time a week).

I did most of my first year online and to be fair it was still a great experience. Especially if you have a job and you can balance it out. And guess what? – You still meet some wonderful people online.

On campus you get to actually meet people and interact more freely, you get to meet your lecturers and most of the time, it is a chill environment. You get to find your people and those with similar experiences, no matter what.

Why Charles sturt?

Well believe it or not…But Charles Sturt offers Law!!!

And if you want something more than just Law and want to fit more in that big brain, then Charles Sturt also offers a Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

Yes, it is a 5-year degree I know… but imagine learning about all aspects and all areas of Law and the Criminal Justice system, the broad pathways, and the various professions that you can get into!

So now take a moment and think, is Harvard “cough” “cough” I mean Charles Sturt your dream place to study a Law degree?

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