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An introduction to essay writing as a first-year student

An introduction to essay writing as a first-year student


You’re asked to write your first essay at uni and you have no idea where to start let alone finish. Never fear… Shantel is here with a simple three-step process for you to master. You’ll be submitting that essay in no time. Check it out!

Written by Shantel Hussain

Essay writing for a first-year student may seem hard!

I mean of course it is, I remember being a first-year student and getting my first essay prepared. I submitted my work to Studiosty to run it through the embedded tutors, and I still wasn’t completely confident!

Luckily when we get an essay, our subject outline highlights the main things you need to be able to make a successful essay!

Not only that but Charles Sturt has an essay writing process made up by the academic skills team for students like you and me to read when we need help.

Now to make things simpler I’ve broken down some tips on what helped me write essays confidently. 

Step 1

The first step is to research your essay!

Making sure you research, research, research! – Quick tip don’t forget to note down references so you can cite your essay correctly.

Good research will make your essay easier to write as when u have all the info in front of you, all you’ll need to do is focus on structuring your essay! (simple right?)

Step 2

The second step is to plan your essay!

You need to look at all your research you’ve gathered and start with planning with info you’ll be using as your argument – make sure to choose strong ones.

I particularly start with the introduction beginning with a statement to set up the essay, discuss what’s to be examined in the essay and always importantly make sure to include my thesis stament! – This is the main sentence that summarises the essay and contains a point of view.

Then make my following paragraph’s all lead back to the introduction, because the introduction does initially tell us what the essay is about right?

Please please please, don’t forget to reference your work as you go!

After the introduction and body paragraphs I will read through my work again and write my conclusion which is a testament of my thesis with additional knowledge and a summary of the main points in my essay!

Step 3

Third step ready for some final touches!

Once I have a draft of my essay I would normally submit it to Studiosity for help in fixing the grammar, feedback on paragraph structure and even if we have referenced our work correctly! (plus 2-3 hour wait time to get our work back how good!)

Once I get my feedback I work with all the things that was pointed out and submit it again but this time letting the team at Studiosty know its nearly ready to hand in, and then I’ll get my work back, finish up the final touches and there you have your very own hand written essay!

In conclusion… oh wait this isn’t an essay it’s a blog!

If you go back and take a look at the way I’ve structed this blog it’s just like an essay only without academic references. I hope all first-year students who come across this blog master writing your essays and hopefully I have helped make it simple for you!

Goodluck, and I have attached the link to Charles Sturt’s essay writing process article also.

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