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On-Campus Vs. Off-Campus Living

Is your share house lease coming to an end or are you about to start your uni journey and not sure where to go? Kate Armstrong shares her experiences living both on and off campus.

Finances for first years

First years listen up! This epic blog has everything you need to know about money for your new university life. It may be challenging to stick to your budget but we promise that following these tips will help you shop savvy and save!

Charles Sturt Jobs Board

Let's be real, looking for jobs (especially ones that work with your Uni schedule) can be an absolute pain. Luckily, THE Charles Sturt Jobs Board is here to save the day, with Meg Seis explaining the ins and outs of finding work through the Jobs...

Saving Money on Food: The Pasta Guide

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to save money on food and still be able to eat the things that you enjoy. Here is a top three list of easy pasta dishes on the internet that you can make, freeze and cook throughout the week. Seafood Curry...

Winter warmers on a budget

With the cooler weather well and truly upon us, there is nothing better than a big bowl of comfort food after a day’s study. Soups, casseroles and pasta dishes become a winter staple and the best bit is, they are not only good for your soul but also...

How Earn As You Learn worked for me

Earn As You Learn (EAYL) starts soon, so register now! This free program connects you with local employers who have part-time or casual job vacancies. Why should I register? Check out what these students and employers said when we asked them what...

Budgeting in the holidays

No one wants to blow all their savings on one summer holiday, so here’s how to budget and spend wisely this summer break. Holiday funds: It is useful to set aside some holiday funds! On top of separating money from your savings, allocate money from...

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