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Bathurst Student Survival Guide

Are you moving to the Charles Sturt Bathurst campus? Bathurst student, Grace Carpenter, shares the best spots to study, what amenities the campus has to offer and some places to explore in your downtime!

Meet your Orientation Coordinators!

Want to meet new people and learn more about uni life? Meet the 2024 Orientation Coordinators who are here to answer any questions you have about getting started at Charles Sturt University.

My guide to studying in Session 3.

"Whether it’s a course requirement or you are simply trying to get ahead, there is always a silver lining to putting in the hard yards now." Meg Seis gives her best tips on surviving Session 3 as it fast approaches!

Procrastination cover image.

The Ultimate Guide to Beat Procrastination

Starting an assessment can be tough and turning off distractions may seem impossible. Dianne Whittle, the Queen of Procrastination is here to help you turn your study habits around.

National Book Lovers Day

Today we are celebrating National Book Lovers Day! Eliska shares some of her recommendations for a variety of book genres to suit all book lovers out there.

Plant Lovers Guide to Increased Studying Prowess

Growing plants has become increasingly popular as a hobby over the last couple of years. Indoor plants were once seen as a status of luxury; a means to impress. Now however they are seen with huge benefits for your wellbeing. Plants are beneficial...

DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts

by Amy Carlon You’re not alone if you’re wondering where the year has disappeared to. You’re also not alone if you haven’t made a dint in your Christmas shopping list (or even made one). Money is tight around Christmas, especially for us poor old...

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