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Meet your Orientation Coordinators!

Meet your Orientation Coordinators!


Want to meet new people and learn more about uni life? Meet the 2024 Orientation Coordinators who are here to answer any questions you have about getting started at Charles Sturt University.

Written by Mikayla Murphy

Session 1 2024 is just around the corner!

Orientation at Charles Sturt is the best way to ease yourself into university life, make new connections and learn more about your course.

Your Orientation Coordinators are here to help you smoothly transition into Charles Sturt and provide you with their tips and insights on how to make the most of your Orientation week.

There are a number of events running throughout Orientation from social events, through to course information sessions and current student support services.

Orientation is the best way for you to make new connections and meet the Orientation Coordinators! Get to know a little bit about your campus Orientation Coordinators before heading to campus.

Find out what’s on at your campus and register for Orientation here.

Albury Coordinators

Meet Tim Van Veen

‘Hi, my name is Tim. I’m from the local region based out of Wodonga and studying Bachelor of Education (K-12). I have learned that it is always good to ask all the questions you have and take all the opportunities you can (especially if they are free opportunities). With Orientation, I am most looking forward to seeing all the new students coming in and introducing them to our campus, most particularly our new café.’

Albury Coordinator Tim Van Veen

Meet Lilly Brigden

‘My Name is Lilly Brigden and I’m going into my final year of the Bachelor of Nursing degree. I remember my first orientation day where I didn’t know anyone and was so scared coming to a place which was unfamiliar to me. I wish I had a familiar and friendly face to help me around campus. I’m hoping our 2024 Orientation leaders and Coordinators will be able to provide you with support and answer your questions.’

Albury Coordinator Lilly Brigden

Meet Emily Humphrey

‘I have lived on campus throughout the duration of my degree, and love how close knit that this campus can become. Moving away from home, new environment, new classes and new friends. Add in the cooking, cleaning, and looking after yourself, it can all be quite daunting. I believe a good Orientation sets the vibe and environment of the Campus for the whole year. All of my closest friends, who I now live with, I met at Orientation or within the first couple of weeks of uni! From course specific subjects, to general questions, we are here to help.’

Meet Abi McCubbin

‘My name is Abi, I am studying my third year of a Bachelor of K-12 Teaching in Albury. From experience, I know how daunting this new experience may be for new students and I can not wait to share with them what uni life has to offer. Whether that be new friends, fulfilling your dream career or simply making lifelong memories. I want to make Orientation week one to remember and something that everyone will enjoy. I will positively push people out of their comfort zone to try something new.’

Albury Coordinator Abi McCubbin

Bathurst Coordinators

Meet Lily Bannan

‘Hi, my name is Lily and I am a Bathurst Orientation Coordinator for 2024! I am from Lithgow, NSW and am currently living on the Bathurst campus. I am so excited to see all the lovely new faces across our campus in the next few months and can’t wait to get to know you all’

Bathurst Coordinator Lily Bannan

Meet Michelle Curry

‘What I love most about Charles Sturt is the friendships I have made. University is a time for new beginnings, and new memories, and helps create the best version of yourself which future you will be thankful for. My number one tip is to ask questions, and seek out all the support services and clubs Charles Sturt University has to offer, and to follow all the clubs on social media. Get along to Market Day, and as many events as you can in orientation week make the most of it.’

Bathurst Coordinator Michelle Curry

Meet Jade Sweeney

‘My name is Jade and I am going into my second year of Paramedicine at Charles Sturt. The town of Bathurst and Charles Sturt University made my moving away from home experience super smooth and welcoming, I settled in straight away! Since my first orientation week I knew my decision to study at Bathurst Charles Sturt University was the right one for me. The excitement of a fresh start in a place filled with new opportunities creates the perfect environment to meet new people.’

Bathurst Coordinator Jade Sweeney

Dubbo Coordinators

Meet Olivia Connolley

‘Hi my name is Olivia. I am a third year Nursing student and proud to be elected as president of the Dubbo Student Representative Council for the second year in a row. The Orientation team have been working hard to provide our new students with a fun filled and supportive orientation week. You will see me assisting in some of the orientation day events throughout the week, come and say hi!’

Dubbo Coordinator Olivia Connolley

Meet Sophie Anderson

‘Hi my name is Sophie and I’m currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Nursing course. I was born and raised in Dubbo and have loved being able to attend Dubbo Charles Sturt University. As an Orientation Coordinator I want to contribute to creating a warm and welcoming environment for all new students as well as creating a positive vibe for the Dubbo campus, we have lots of exciting and fun things planned for Orientation week!’

Dubbo Coordinator Sophie Anderson

Meet Poppy Williams

‘Hi my name is Poppy and I’m currently in my second year of my Bachelors of Nursing. What I am most looking forward to achieving this Orientation is creating a positive vibe for the Dubbo campus. I would like to make orientation a welcoming experience for new students so they know that they will be heard and have opportunities throughout their university journey.’

Dubbo Coordinator Poppy Williams

Orange Coordinators

Meet Ally Cook

‘Hi I’m Ally, I am currently in my 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. I am an Orange local, who loves living in rural NSW. I hope to create a fun and safe orientation environment that is inclusive and allows students to connect with one another whilst seeing what a great place Orange is. I aim to be someone who students can come to if the need help, whilst creating an enjoyable orientation experience.’

Orange Coordinator Ally Cook

Meet Bronte Jolly

‘My name is Bronte, and I am one of the Orientation Coordinators for the Orange campus in 2024! I met my best friends during Orientation and can’t wait for the new students to make lifelong connections that will see them through their journey at Charles Sturt University.’

Orange Coordinator Bronte Jolly

Port Macquarie Coordinators

Meet Ryan McAllister

‘My name is Ryan, and I am one of the Port Macquarie Coordinators for 2024. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have or just have a chat about anything. Best advice for Orientation is to get involved and have fun. This is the week where you get to meet new people and really set up for the best first year of university!’

Port Macquarie Coordinator Ryan McAllister

Meet Mia Kamand

‘My name is Mia, I’m in my 2nd year of Bachelor of Paramedicine at Charles Sturt University Port Macquarie campus. I am originally from Sydney and moved up to Charles Sturt University Port Macquarie campus in Feb 2023 and I love the coastal lifestyle.’

Port Macquarie Coordinator Mia Kamand

Meet Keely Prasalowski

‘Hi, my name is Keely. I moved over from Perth to study Paramedicine at Port Macquarie in 2023. I’m so grateful for the great group of friends I’ve made here at uni. If you spot me around campus I’m always happy to have a chat and help answer any of your questions.’

Port Macquarie Coordinator Keely Prasalowski

Wagga Wagga Coordinator

Meet Amelie McAsey

‘I have lived on campus the past three years in Wagga at Charles Sturt University and it has honestly been the best experience. I have met so many people through networking whether that is on campus or off campus events and joining different committees over the past few years.’

Wagga Wagga Coordinator Amelie McAsey

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