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Student studying in rental home

How to secure your first rental

Whether you’re fleeing the coop to start a new adventure at university, moving off campus to a share house, or have recently graduated and now have to ‘adult’, finding the right place to live can be tough. Finding somewhere that’s not too...

illustration of a couple living together

Living with the person you love

One of the key parts of the university experience is navigating the minefield of sharehousing, from dorms to ramshackle houses to your parents’ basement to, if you’re lucky, finding the ultimate form of domestic bliss, usually with the person you...

image of students washing dishes in the kitchen

The four types of housemates you’ll meet at uni

Whether it’s in a dorm or in a sharehouse, living in close quarters with other people can be a tricky business, with loads of personalities, schedules, and ideas clashing. After a while, you’ll begin to see that most people slot into one of four...

barista pouring a coffee

Finding your feet in a new place

One of the great things about CSU is all the wonderful and varied campus locations – from Albury-Wodonga, to the CSU Study Centre in Sydney, to Orange. But this can often mean that to do the course you want in a great location, you have to move away...

illustration of a house and garden

Rad rules for first time renters

Renting. Your own place. It’s one of the final frontiers of adulthood. But one that people never really tell you much about. There are so many tricky things to look out for, and no real guide to being a grown up to help you through it. So...

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