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Move out food donation scheme

The Wagga residence community in conjunction with Sustainability at Charles Sturt are aiming to donate leftover goods amongst residences to two charities to minimise the general wastage at the end of the year going into landfill.

Meet Charlie contributor, Ada Crain

Written by Ada Crain Hello! My name is Ada Crain and I am an 18 year old Bachelor of Animal Science student based in Wagga Wagga. Growing up I am originally from Tooma, about a 2 hour drive from Wagga Wagga. I doubt that anyone actually knows where...

2021 Student Leadership Training

It has been a long while since I walked onto the Bathurst campus of Charles Sturt University, and even longer since I have seen another student on the campus as well. So it felt good to be able to set both of those counts to zero as I attended the...

Why I joined my SRC and why you should too

By Luisa Foliaki Students at the STRIVE Leadership Conference as well as a close friend of mine encouraged me to nominate for the Online Study Student Representative Committee (SRC). I was pleasantly surprised when I was elected. A few weeks later I...

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