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Plant Lovers Guide to Increased Studying Prowess

Plant Lovers Guide to Increased Studying Prowess

Growing plants has become increasingly popular as a hobby
over the last couple of years. Indoor plants were once seen as a status of luxury; a means to impress. Now however they are seen with huge benefits for your wellbeing.

Plants are beneficial in relaxation and can work in purifying the air that we breathe. So, how can plants help increase your studying ability? By setting up the right plants inside your home, you can create an environment that improves mental health.

Furthermore, they can create a refreshing environment that increases your wellbeing when you are working at your desk by providing a space that is calm.

With a number of varieties and multitudes of plants, which plant is best for you?

Never Looked After A Plant Before?

If you are just starting out on your indoor plant journey, try looking for succulents or cacti. These plants don’t require much attention or water. They can withstand heat and thrive well in a sunny spot.

Think about the location when you purchase your plant as you can get multiple colours, shapes and sizes. The joys of this plant are that they come in a variety of colours, textures with some succulents and cacti producing flowers.

Not Yet an Expert but Have Developed a Love For Plants

Do you have a bit of plant experience but don’t want plants that can be difficult to grow? Then try your hand at herbs! Growing herbs requires little space and can be positioned on your windowsill to acquire adequate light.

Visually appealing herbs are a pleasing sight within the kitchen! And the best thing? You can garnish and add flavours to your dishes without having to add herbs to your shopping list!

For the Well-Seasoned Plant Lover

When you have developed a green thumb or are looking for a challenge, the potted orchid is the plant for you! With beautiful flowers that come about seasonally, this plant grows and adapts daily with new leaves, twisting roots and large tranquil green leaves.

These plants are temperamental and require indirect sunlight along with water every couple of days. It is important to gauge what your orchid prefers. When you have the right formula you will be rewarded with brilliant flowers that range from white to purple.

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