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Take action against contract cheating

With COVID-19 impacting the way we study, contract cheating services are ramping up their efforts to target students studying online. So the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating on October 21 is a good reminder that cheating can put...

Plant Lovers Guide to Increased Studying Prowess

Growing plants has become increasingly popular as a hobby over the last couple of years. Indoor plants were once seen as a status of luxury; a means to impress. Now however they are seen with huge benefits for your wellbeing. Plants are beneficial...

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How to make the most of your final assessments

Exam time might be coming but for many students, that also means that lots and lots of assessment due dates are approaching. This will undoubtedly cause a lot of stress, and if you’re like me, this can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Finding...

What’s Next: Getting assessment marks back

What’s Next: Getting assessment marks back

Your first assessments have been written and submitted and you are waiting for the email that says they have been marked. And while that time in between probably brings a lot of anxiety, there are lots of places to go regardless of the result...

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How marking actually works

You have just submitted an assessment which you put hours of hard work, research and dedication into. There is nothing else you can do other than wait for that mark back… but how does marking really work? This question is tough to answer as...

How to Critically Analyse Anything!

With Session 1 underway, you may be going through your course outline ready to start your assessments early. Doing this, you may come across a new term that you haven’t heard before – critically analyse. You may also think you may have...

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