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Recreating Places to Study for When You Can’t Leave the House

Recreating Places to Study for When You Can’t Leave the House

Even though we are locked away safe inside our homes, our studies still carry on. We still have assignments to complete, virtual group projects to work on, weekly discussions to contribute to and lots and lots readings to do.

A few weeks ago you could go to the park, the library, a friend’s house or a classroom to study. Now we have to study inside our homes which can present its own challenges. Most ideas surrounding studying inside maintain that if you have a space that you use only for studying it will be very easy to jump into that headspace. Sometimes, this isn’t always the case as spaces in the home are utilised for multiple purposes.

So, here are a few ways to recreate the locations that you may have gone to before the lockdown began. This will hopefully make completing uni work that little bit easier.

Sound: YouTube is Your Friend

Wherever you may have studied pre-lockdown you can find recreation of the sounds you would have heard. A simple search for library, garden or wildlife sounds will present a long list of options through YouTube. Select one, keep the volume low so that it’s not distracting and prepare to be transported to your favourite study space.

Smell: Candles or Essential Oils?

The power of scents can really transform a space. Using candles and essential oils can be a great way to relax, become more focused and increase concentration. There are even candles and oils that have been created to smell just like books, lawn clippings or your favourite takeaway restaurant.

So, is it better to use candles or essential oils? It is a matter of preference and purpose. Essential oils are used for a slow consistent scent that will remain in a space, whereas candles create heavier scents that are only experienced within a space so long as the candle is burning. The scent from a candle usually dissipates after the flame has gone out whilst essential oils can linger that little bit linger in the air. Also, when you are setting up your space think about whether you prefer to feel relaxed when you study or feel motivated as this can be the difference of a soft floral to a heavier citrus scent.


Setting up a space can be tricky. If you are recreating a space such as the outdoors think about utilising a spot in your garden or a room with plants. It really depends upon what you have access to. Sometimes it can just take a change in desktop wallpaper that will make you feel more at ease. Otherwise, create a space that relaxes you, such as repositioning bookcases to make your study area feel more like a library.

These suggestions are to provide you with some ideas to transforming a space into a successful study area. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes which can break the sense of monotony within an environment. 

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