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Top 5 time management tips for mature-age students

Currently studying his Master of Psychological Practice, Dominic Giuliano understands the grind of study versus... well everything else. Here, he shares his top 5 time management tips for mature-aged students.

Pagan’s guide to improving by just 1% each day

Written by Pagan Harrison-Brown 2022 seems to be the year that people decided they wanted and needed to do better. Perhaps it’s because of COVID, TikTok and Instagram Reels are lit up with people ‘having their life together’...

6 tips for building your timetable

When building your timetable, it can be a bit daunting knowing where to start. As a recent graduate of Charles Sturt, I’ve done my fair share of building timetables. Here are some of my top tips for creating your uni timetable. 1. Key Dates:...

Plant Lovers Guide to Increased Studying Prowess

Growing plants has become increasingly popular as a hobby over the last couple of years. Indoor plants were once seen as a status of luxury; a means to impress. Now however they are seen with huge benefits for your wellbeing. Plants are beneficial...

Student lying down with pile of books

Pre-Study Prep: 5 action steps to get you semester ready

A new semester. A new beginning. A chance to wipe the slate clean from the tribulations and stress that came before and to make a fresh start. There’s no denying 2020 has thrown a few unprecedented curveballs, rattling even the most fastidious...

In (Dis)favour of Routine

by Lisa Weldon Efficient people have routines. We know this. We know that thirty days a habit made, and all that. We know that Barack Obama exercised every morning before breakfast whilst in the White House and managed to survive on five hours sleep...

What’s Next: Getting assessment marks back

What’s Next: Getting assessment marks back

Your first assessments have been written and submitted and you are waiting for the email that says they have been marked. And while that time in between probably brings a lot of anxiety, there are lots of places to go regardless of the result...

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