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How to use your breaks wisely

How to use your breaks wisely

by Amy Carlon

Time flies at uni when we get caught up with study and work. Usually the only thing getting us through is the light (holidays) at the end of the tunnel. Picture it – laying back and binge watching Netflix for 14 days straight. However, session breaks are actually a good time to catch up on your uni work (unless you’re that extremely rare student who’s ahead of the entire class).

Here are four ways to use your session breaks effectively and stay on top of your workload:

Work on assessments

Most of us have assessments due right after the session break (they really shouldn’t call them holidays), so instead of leaving these until the last minute, use your non-existent class times to work on them. You’ll still have time for relaxing outside of class times, but this way it’s no different from regular session weeks. So when you return to uni you won’t be overwhelmed by the ridiculous number of assessments due all at once.


If you’re one of those lucky students that doesn’t have any assessments due anytime soon, then use this time wisely and start studying. Take at least 30 minutes a day to revise what you’ve learnt and catch up on any readings or modules. By reviewing the same material multiple times, you’ll be more likely to retain information in the long run and ace those final exams.


Yes, you need rest too. It’s important for your physical and mental wellbeing to get some rest so you can perform at your best when you need to. Believe it or not, holidays are actually a good time to take a breather and have some early nights. University can be stressful from the constant pressure we put on ourselves, so rest up!

Have fun

Once you’ve got some study done and had time to rest, it’s time to enjoy a break from uni. Whether that be catching up with friends or having a day of adventures, now is the time to enjoy having no worries (at least until exams dawn upon us).

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