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Eight ways to stay calm while you wait for your exam results

Eight ways to stay calm while you wait for your exam results

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by Loren Howarth

Exams are finally over! Only now you find yourself anxiously waiting to see if all of those late night study sessions have paid off. But instead of stressing about something you can’t change, there’s a few ways to get your mind off exams and into relaxation mode.

Keep busy 

There’s nothing worse than waiting for uni results when you’ve got nothing to fill your time. It might sound obvious, but filling your days with activities will keep you distracted and reduce your stress about knowing whether you’ve passed or not. Pick up an extra casual shift or even try to find yourself an internship. You can find out how to make the most out of an internship here.


Let’s face it – you’re a messy, lazy, uni student. Well, that might not be the case for everyone. But you do know this – your room needs a well overdue clean! During the study periods you have every excuse in the world not to clean, because uni comes first. But now you’ve got nothing to do and it’s time to face the music (or the mould in the bathroom). Get your rubber gloves on and start scrubbing.

You’re on a break, so take a break

The ultimate way to spend the mid year break? Holidaying! Duh. And also the best way to keep your mind off things. It doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive though – even camping counts as a holiday! Or take a road trip with your friends and stay in the cheapest place possible. You’ll have a laugh about how cringe worthy it was and make some good memories.

Find a new hobby 

Has there been something that you’ve been dying to try but never actually got around to it? Now is the perfect time to try out for a new sport or begin that exercise regime you’ve been planning for years (#summerbod come at me).

If you’re up for a challenge then start a difficult puzzle or buy a crossword book. You could even attempt to paint, draw, or get crafty and make decorations for your room. For inspiration, search online and look at Pinterest, which has amazing D.I.Y. ideas.

Get organised for Session 2

Session 2 is known for unexpectedly creeping up you, meaning you usually turn up to class dressed in your pjs wondering what day, month and year it is. Save time fussing about next session when you should be studying and get all of your pens, pencils, folders, books and textbooks ready now. You can even label your books, print out your timetable and stick it somewhere handy like inside your diary or on your study desk.


Meditation is a great way to relax during exams, but also fantastic post exams. Find a quiet place, free of distractions and get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes, breathe naturally and focus your attention on how your body feels as you inhale and exhale. You can YouTube meditation videos to get a guided session too. Once you’ve got a general idea on meditation, invite some of your friends over to show them too. This way you can all hang out and de-stress together!

Netflix marathon

You didn’t think we were going to leave this out did you? What else are uni holidays for? This is the ultimate and extremely necessary treat yo’ self. Let’s not pretend you haven’t day-dreamed about this for the whole of Session 1. Now that exams are over, there isn’t a better time to catch up on your fav TV shows. Best do the groceries first though, who wants to leave the house and face daylight when there’s TV to watch?


Uni often takes the fun out of reading when you actually have to learn. You’ve got the spare time, so make a start on those books you’ve been meaning to read. Check out the CSU library where you can borrow them for free, it’ll save you purchasing them from a book store.

Play Monopoly

If you played Monopoly as a child, you’ll know that this isn’t just a one day activity. Monopoly can last for days, and possibly end up in a roommate feud. But it’s all fun and games (literally). Set yourself the goal of finishing a game over the break. The best thing is you can pause whenever you need and pick up where you left off when you’re ready. Set up the game in a spare room or an area that isn’t used often to ensure that it can’t be knocked over or tampered with (Monopoly is serious business).

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