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8 books to read to prepare for Session 1

Want to hit the ground running for the new session? Prepare your brain with these reads: The Study Skills Handbook Written by Stella Cottrell, this book has a lot of advice and practical information that will help you feel organised and prepared...

CSU Library

Summer reading suggestions from CSU librarians

Finally, it’s time to drop those textbooks and actually read something we want to! Your librarians have suggested their top books so you’ll have plenty to read these holidays. Add these great finds to your reading list this summer: Jane I’m going to...

Australian mags to catch up on in the break

We’ve successfully made it through six weeks of Session 1. Even if we’re only a quarter of the way through the year, it’s still a well-earned break, right? If you’re on top of your studies this break, don’t waste your time with tv for once and...

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10 books to read before the start of session

For those of you wanting to improve your results from last year, or if you just have some free time leading up until Session 1, reading a couple of books might be your solution. Here are 10 books to read that’ll improve your vocab and have you...

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