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8 books to read to prepare for Session 1

8 books to read to prepare for Session 1

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Want to hit the ground running for the new session? Prepare your brain with these reads:

The Study Skills Handbook
Written by Stella Cottrell, this book has a lot of advice and practical information that will help you feel organised and prepared. Part B: Academic Skills, and Part D: Task Management Skills are especially useful and important. It is available in the library in print and eBook!

How to learn almost anything in 48 hours: the skills you need to work smarter, study faster, and remember more
This book is full of memory tips and tricks designed to train your brain and sharpen your mind. It is written by three-time Australian Memory Champion, Tansel Ali.

The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success: how to use your brain’s executive skills to keep up, stay calm, and get organised at work and at home
This book suggests science-based strategies to help you boost your time management and organisational skills in today’s technological world.

Postgraduate study in Australia: surviving and succeeding
An anthology of advice. This text curates a series of first-hand critical reflections from postgraduate students and recent graduates responding to the remit: If you could go back in time to talk with yourself when you began your studies, what advice would you give?

Presentation skills for students
A practical guide for to improve your communication and presentation skills. Get advice on speaking to an audience, selecting appropriate visual aids, speaking as part of your course and job seeking and interviews.

Improve your grammar: the essential guide to accurate writing
We all know grammar is tricky, and who doesn’t need a little help to polish their assessments?

Reading and making notes
Discover tips and strategies to get the most out of your research and readings and become an effective and efficient note-taker.

Essentials of essay writing: what markers look for
This book uncovers what markers look for and demystifies the secrets of effective writing. Each chapter covers a core element of effective essay writing, from analysing the question through to constructing a conclusion, and provides clear guidelines to apply in your own work.

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