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10 books to read before the start of session

10 books to read before the start of session

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For those of you wanting to improve your results from last year, or if you just have some free time leading up until Session 1, reading a couple of books might be your solution. Here are 10 books to read that’ll improve your vocab and have you feeling like a literary genius in no time.

How to study in College

First published in 1962 and now up to the 11th edition. This book covers all the university (even though it’s says college) essentials from setting goals, to the Cornell note taking system – renowned for its effective retention techniques.

The CSU library holds some of the previous editions and is currently in the process of ordering the latest version for easy access.

How to write a BA Thesis

If you’re studying a creative subject, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of thesis-advice books will target data-gather research subjects rather than creative practices.

This book however, focuses on creative subjects and how to take a subjective approach rather than an objective one.

Pocket Guide to APA Style

The CSU Guide to APA Referencing and the Academic Referencing Tool (ART) should have you covered. However, if you’re struggling to find something then this pocket guide is perfect. Added bonus points as it’s aimed at a student budget.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association

In the very rare case that the Pocket Guide doesn’t have the info, this one definitely will. It covers psychical sources as well as electronic sources, which is incredibly useful in an age where electronic sources are our main information resource.

The Pomodoro Technique 3rd Edition

Rare is a student who doesn’t procrastinate and that’s exactly what this book is aimed at – beating the dreaded ‘night-before’ rush. Containing advice for time management, goal setting and reaching them, and even predicting the amount of time you’ll need to complete an assessment. It’s the struggling students dream guide.

The Little Penguin Handbook

Knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” is an essential skill in life. Although it may seem like a small thing, grammar can make or break your essay. The Little Penguin Handbook defines how to structure sentences properly in a simple to understand manner.

The Introverts Guide to Coping With the Real World

This book is less focused on the studying side of university and is more about the social struggle that many introverts deal with. From interacting with extroverts to recognising that there’s a little bit of introvert and extrovert in all of us. This book offers guidance for those who are lost, giving clarification for those who just don’t know. This guide is available as an eBook and as well as a hard copy.

Coping With Stress At University: A Survivors Guide

University can be stressful, emotional, and tough (and rewarding too), but this guide will steer you through those rough days and late nights covering everything stress, how to handle it and even help you understand whether you’re studying the course right for you. This book is available through the CSU library.

Student Finance for Dummies

It’s widely known that money is hard to find when you’re a uni student, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This book will teach you how to manage your finances as you progress through your education while maintaining a social life and sensible bank balance.

From India with Love

If you’re in need of some inspiration, this is the way to go. Written by CSU alumna and successful journalist, Latika Bourke, this bibliography follows Latika’s story of discovering her roots and finding herself. After hearing her name in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire, Latika began questioning her roots and began a journey to uncover what it meant to be born in India and raised in Australia.

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