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Australian mags to catch up on in the break

Australian mags to catch up on in the break

Australian Magazines. Source: Hello Lunch Lady

We’ve successfully made it through six weeks of Session 1. Even if we’re only a quarter of the way through the year, it’s still a well-earned break, right?

If you’re on top of your studies this break, don’t waste your time with tv for once and instead check out these A+ home grown publications to entertain, inspire and inform – no matter what your interest.

Ladies of leisure

Best enjoyed: with sparkling drinks with your friend’s

Description: Ladies of Leisure otherwise known as LOL is action packed with a star cast of contributors. This new publication is well worth supporting, as are the young creative Australian women that are featured.

Ladies of Leisure Magazine

Image: Ladies of Leisure

Smith Journal

Best enjoyed: on a solo visit to your favourite café

Every few months a new issue is published in Australia, releasing unexpected and original content for readers. This mag features stunning photo stories, witty writing, and excellent design editorials.

Smith Journal Magazine

Image: Frankie press

The Lunch Lady

Best enjoyed: in bed on a lazy morning

This Aussie magazine has been put together in a way that brings the same sensation as having a home cooked meal placed in front of you; warm, nourished and loved. Every issue is colourful, light-hearted and thought provoking. The focus is on food and family, with opinion pieces, recipes and interviews.

The Lunch Lady magazine

Image: The Lunch Lady

Paper Sea

Best enjoyed: on the beach (or similar)

This local magazine is a celebration of the salty oceans that line our coasts and the adventurer inside us yearning to see it all. Each issue is guaranteed to feature gorgeous images of surfers gliding through waves that are sure to make you run for the beach (or drive). Paper Sea goes past just the surfers though, exploring coastal lifestyle, culture, art and fashion in a way that’s as refreshing as a swim.

Paper Sea magazine

Image: Paper Sea


Best enjoyed: read aloud on a road trip to pass the time with fellow passengers

Don’t be fooled by the Français title, this is another A+ Aussie mag worth a read. This lifestyle publication is informed by the lives and interests of ordinary people by looking at our lives in a way that makes sense. A light reading magazine with recipes, opinion pieces and design.

Fete Life magazine
Image: Fete Press

Header Image: Hello Lunch Lady

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