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Boxing Day

Ever wanted to know why it is called 'Boxing Day'? Remy delves into the history of Boxing Day and some famous Aussie traditions.

8 Things You NEED To Do This Summer

For those of you who aren't studying Session 3, Summer is the time to start getting stuff done. Sophia McCaughan shares 8 things you NEED to do this Summer.

Move out food donation scheme

The Wagga residence community in conjunction with Sustainability at Charles Sturt are aiming to donate leftover goods amongst residences to two charities to minimise the general wastage at the end of the year going into landfill.

Best ways to utilise the session break

Written by Greta Porter The session break couldn’t come at a better time now that assessments are rolling in and the uni year is underway. Not only is it a good time to relax and recharge, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up on...

Child about to eat Easter bunnies.

Why Easter is the best holiday ever

Easter – a holiday that’s well known, yet not given a wrap like Christmas. But why? We get more time off work over Easter (even more than Christmas), often spend it holidaying somewhere, and let’s not even start on the chocolate. It’s actually never...

Cartoon people sitting on a beach towel with refreshments

Summer break: expectation vs reality

OK – so your summer plans sounded a little like this: Catch up with friends Get a job Save money Get a summer body Work on your tan Catch up on TV shows But sadly, they didn’t turn out like this. Instead, you’ve most likely spent your days sleeping...

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