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Three things that helped me study at the start of a new session

Three things that helped me study at the start of a new session

The start of a session can be a tricky time. The holidays have come and gone and it’s tough to get out of the ‘lying around and doing absolutely nothing’ mindset.

Trust me, classes, assessments and generally getting out of bed at an appropriate hour are at the back of your mind, along with healthy eating and good study habits.

Having been through these periods on several occasions while studying at Charles Sturt, I also know how to get out of that mindset, and eventually out of bed.

Here are three things that have helped me get back into the swing of a new session.

Use a wall planner

I’ve found that wall planners are one of the best things for getting organised. Write down all the important events and deadlines, so you can plan your study and social life.

I’m a massive motorsport fan so I’ve written down all the race days. I’ve also included important days like birthdays, which is a huge time saver.

But back to uni work. Make sure you check out your subject outlines and note when every assessment is due. That way you can plan when to start working on your assessments and giving them everything you’ve got. You will also avoid the shock of realising an assessment is due in 12 hours.

By using a wall planner, you can also plan what your day has in store. Plot your week out and schedule tasks for particular days. As uni students, we are usually very busy, and need to slot in time with family and friends, work, downtime, and sleep.

Combining work and other commitments into a daily schedule is a great way to get everything done and avoid stressing about missing out on stuff.

Try to eat as best you can

The holidays have come and gone and you have been able to be a bit lazy when it comes to food and drink. And that is totally fine. You deserve it after all your hard work.

But while it might be tempting to keep with it as you get back into study as it is normally quick, simple and easy, it really is useful to think about eating well. Cracking open another can of a sugar-filled energy drink or opening some tasty potato chips might be tempting to get a surge of energy, but in the long run, it won’t be good for you at all.

Eating a good amount of natural fruits and vegetables, breads, dairy and crucially, three square meals a day is a lot better than snacks all the way throughout the day. You will feel more awake and more focussed when studying.

That is a great way to succeed while studying.

Find help when you need it

If you ever struggle with assessments, general uni work or just with life, remember there are always people to contact so you can get that helping hand. Send your lecturer an email or contact the Academic Skills team if you need help with an assessments. Charles Sturt also offers a range of other support services to help students succeed. Don’t forget you can also reach out to external services such as Lifeline.

Getting started again after a nice break can be hard, but by following these couple of tips along with others out there, then you should have another successful session of study.

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