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How to boost your writing skills

Improving your writing skills is a great way to bump up your Uni grades and help you get ahead in your career. Study Link and ALLaN are just the resources you need to boost your academic writing skills! Here is why you should enrol or register for a...

Why participate in ALLaN workshops?

Have you ever considered going to an Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy (ALLaN) workshop? Well, I’ve finally had my first complete and interactive ALLaN Workshop! In the past, I used to watch the workshop recordings but I would never finish...

Advice to my first-year self

With graduation on its way, we called out to our graduates on CSUSocial and asked what tips they would tell their first-year self. Here’s what they shared: 1. Stay calm and don’t stress There’s nothing worse than freaking out on your first day of...

Get ahead this Summer

CSU has a range of services and support programs to help you through university. Whether you’re currently studying or preparing for 2019, why not make the most of the summer and get ahead with your studies.

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Here are the best ways to stay more organised at university

A full study load means a full assessment load, a full textbook load and a full exam preparation load. While we may feel organised going into our next session at university, very soon we can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed with lists of ‘things’...

Black and gold numbers

Six ways to get better at maths

Having some maths skills under your belt goes a long way at uni. Whether it’s interpreting basic numbers and statistics, or doing advanced algebra, you’re likely to run into subjects that need numeracy knowledge. You can become better at maths with...

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Five ways to reference like a pro

Don’t get to the stage where you want to pull your hair out the next time you need to reference an assignment. If you keep track of all your sources and get into a referencing flow, the whole process can be much easier. We caught up with CSU’s...

CSU student studying in a cafe in Wagga Wagga.

Six ways to be super productive on weekends

Ah, the weekend! It’s the two days of the week you’ve been waiting for, but always seems to go so fast! It can be tempting to forget about your studies when you’ve been invited to spend time with family and friends, go out, or even take a mini-break...

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