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Advice to my first-year self

Advice to my first-year self

With graduation on its way, we called out to our graduates on CSUSocial and asked what tips they would tell their first-year self. Here’s what they shared:

1. Stay calm and don’t stress

There’s nothing worse than freaking out on your first day of Uni, so ditch the nerves and remind yourself that you’ve got this, you’ll be fine and just enjoy it! Your time at Uni flies by, so rather than stressing out about responsibilities – stay calm, get organised and have fun.

“Calm down, things are going to be fine,” Shahab Uddin.

“Relax, it’s going to be so much fun,” Mitchell Woodbright.

2. Make the most of FREE things

Being a CSU student, you’re offered many resources to help you study, navigate uni life and progress your career path. Plus, it’s all for FREE! Utilising these three resources makes studying a whole lot easier.

  • ALLaN Team. The ALLaN Team can help you improve your study skills, including essay writing and referencing through workshops or individual appointments. They can also read your assignments and check for grammar, brevity and more.
  • Library resources. CSU Library offer you ongoing tutorials on referencing, creating a LinkedIn profile and how to use EndNote. 2018 graduates said learning how to use EndNote changed the game for them!
    As a bonus for online students, the Library also offer a free book-delivery service, so you can order online and have the books you need at your door.
  • Student Portal. The most valuable tip our graduates emphasised was to use every feature of your Student Portal and Interact 2. This is where you will find subject information, CSU Handbooks, staff contacts and other resources to manage your Uni life.
    Also, jump on the online forums and discussion boards in Interact 2 to connect with your peers and lecturers.

“Use all the features of student portal and interact to your advantage,” Rebecca Worner.

“Check out the ALLEN tutorials and the Library tutorials early on. Get on the forums, it’s how you will connect with your peers and lecturers. Use the library book delivery service. It’s ace,” Stacey Rosser.

3. Hard work pays off

Uni goes faster than you think, so don’t procrastinate and just get the work done! With a bit of hard work, you can surpass your potential and get a head start on your career.

Here is why your future self will thank you:

  • Do not leave anything to the last minute! Whether it’s an assignment or re-enrolment, save yourself the panic and tick tasks off the list as soon as you can.
  • Actually, pay attention to the content! Make the effort to retain information in class or when you’re reading and make memorising for exams easier.
  • Read the subject outline! It’s a document to live by during Uni, it will guide you through the subject and has the best tips for tackling assessments.

Do not, I repeat do not leave anything to the last minute,” Grace Aurelia.

“Read the subject outline, read the subject outline, and read the subject outline again…!!!” Kathryn Halliwell.

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