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How to boost your writing skills

How to boost your writing skills

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Improving your writing skills is a great way to bump up your Uni grades and help you get ahead in your career. Study Link and ALLaN are just the resources you need to boost your academic writing skills! Here is why you should enrol or register for a workshop now:

Study Link:

Study Link offers a range of online subjects across science, maths and English to help you bridge your knowledge gaps.

  • Short, self-paced online subjects. The courses only take between 14 to 40 hours to complete, and as long as you complete all assessments before the end of the term dates, how long you spend on the subject is completely up to you!
  • Specific writing skills subjects. Whether you need to hone your essay writing skills or learn the basics of academic writing, there are specific subjects tailored to helping you ace your degree.
  • It’s free! If you are a CSU Commonwealth Supported Student, an Australian or New Zealand citizen or you hold a permanent visa, Study Link subjects are free for you.
  • You aren’t alone. When you enrol, you will also have access to a subject coordinator who will help you along the way.


The Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy Team are available to proof-read your essays, double-check your referencing and run workshops on all things assignments and exams.

  • Free, accessible and available. ALLaN is a free service available to you at any point throughout your degree.
  • It is tailored to you. The team can help by assessing your skills and targeting the specific areas that you may need to improve in.
  • Support for your writing skills. They will also help you to develop your academic writing skills for essays, reports, reviews, critical reflections, presentations and more.
  • Online or on campus. The ALLaN team are available online and on campus, by booking, to best suit your mode of study. How you chose to access this service is up to you!

Get ahead this summer by enrolling now in a Study Link subject or registering for an ALLaN workshop.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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