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How I make study work for me

How I make study work for me

Social Work student, mother-of-four, and University leader Rebecca Worner has one important study tip: “Do whatever works for you.” “Don’t compare yourself too much to other people, and think what you’re doing is...

Online student catching up on some study

Studying in isolation: Tips from a distance student

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 epidemic has brought and continues to bring global, local and personal disruption to the model of existence we are all accustomed to. Thankfully, as a distance student, this aspect of my life has remained...

Student studying in rental home

APA Referencing Changes: The move to the 7th Edition

Charles Sturt University is moving to APA 7th Edition after 10 years of the 6th Edition, so now is a good time to adjust your referencing in your upcoming assessments for this semester. You will be able to use both the 6th and 7th Edition in...

Returning to study? Brush up on your study skills

Returning to study? Brush up on your study skills

If you’re looking for ways to get ahead or bridge your knowledge gaps for next session then Study Link is for you! Whether you are studying for the first time, after a long time or just need to brush up, Study Link offers the subjects you need, at...

How to boost your writing skills

Improving your writing skills is a great way to bump up your Uni grades and help you get ahead in your career. Study Link and ALLaN are just the resources you need to boost your academic writing skills! Here is why you should enrol or register for a...

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Here are the best ways to stay more organised at university

A full study load means a full assessment load, a full textbook load and a full exam preparation load. While we may feel organised going into our next session at university, very soon we can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed with lists of ‘things’...

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