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Feeling stressed in your degree? Here are some ways to take the pressure off.

Feeling stressed in your degree? Here are some ways to take the pressure off.

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Whether it’s the first day of your new course or the last day of your three-year degree, studying can be stressful.

We’ve all read our subject outlines two weeks before classes begin and stared blankly at the computer screen wondering how on earth we’ll be able to complete assessment three (that’s not due for another two-and-a-half months…).

Then there’s the worry about your final grades – ‘Will I scrape through with a Pass?’, ‘Will I be happy with a Credit?’, ‘I’ve worked so hard, what if I don’t get a High Distinction?’

Whatever the reason for your study-related stress, here are some tips to remember to wind down and take the pressure off.

  • Your degree is still a degree whether it’s a pass or HD – We’re all different learners and if you don’t graduate with Distinction, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a job in your industry afterwards. We all have times when we put too much pressure on ourselves, or feel pressure from our peers, loved ones, or university lecturers. While all students should be trying their best and putting in effort throughout their studies, if you get a Pass when you were aiming for a Distinction, it’s not the end of the world.
  • People learn differently -It’s so easy to look at the people around us and compare ourselves. A handy tip to take the pressure off is to remember that we all learn differently. Some people are visual learners, some are avid listeners and some of us (like me) still write everything down in case technology fails us. We’re not all theoretical learners, so while university might feel like a little too much at times, when you get out into the industry, you might fit in just fine.
  • You won’t always like all your subjects – While a degree tailored to our personal preferences and the things we’re good at sounds wonderful, unfortunately it’s not very realistic. Keep in mind that you’re going to be better at some subjects, some group tasks and some assessments more than others and this is okay. Make the most of what you are enjoying and for the subject you just can’t get your head around, remember it’s only for one session (and there are lots of services at CSU to help you!)
  • Industry work is invaluable – Our degrees are very important and without them, making our way into our dream career can be a little more tricky. But while we need to learn the theory as a basis, industry work via internships and work experience can help take the pressure off if you’re struggling to understand your lectures.
  • Talk to people – Talking things out with the people you’re close with can sometimes give you a new perspective and help you work out what is causing the most stress within your degree. Remember to speak to your peers too – they’ll often be in the same boat and you might be able to collaborate on tasks to both help yourself and your classmates. There are also student counsellors at CSU if you’d rather talk to someone independent.
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