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A First Year Guide to University: Tips and Tricks For Success

A First Year Guide to University: Tips and Tricks For Success

Starting university can be daunting, but it can also be one of your most exciting, exhilarating and memorable experiences. Whether you are studying on campus or online, here are our top ten tips and tricks to start your year right on the path to success.


Wait until your first lesson before purchasing textbooks. Look through your course outline when they become available to see whether you can utilise the CSU library e-book feature. This will save you time and money. If you work better with a textbook in hand – go ahead and purchase them!

It is a great way to improve your knowledge about a subject. Depending upon your field of study you can always re-use the information in other courses. You can also order books from CSU library and have them arrive on your doorstep for those hard to find books.


Always take notes during lectures! Note down key words, concepts, theories and frameworks. If it’s brought up, it’s important! Also, your lecturer may let you know what is relevant to assessments so always listen out. =

Study Help

Did you know that CSU has study help available? Studiosity is partnered with CSU and provides students with feedback on assignments. It is a great way if you need another pair of eyes to read over your work.

Study your way

When you have multiple assessments due around the same time it can be quite daunting. If you are a night owl or an early bird, try studying at different times throughout the day to see when you are at your most productive. You might be surprised be quite surprised!

Learning Resources

Whether you are seeking help completing an assignment or wanting to learn a new skill, the Learning Resources page will be your one stop shop. Find other essential help and tips under the Study Plan Essential and you will be on the path for success in your university journey. 


To perfect the art of the written assessment requires time… and many drafts! Utilise the course outline marking rubric to know where marks are distributed as an indication to the weight of a specific section. It’s a failsafe way to ensure that you are not missing out anything important! 

Assessment Calculator

When working out the best way to start an assessment look no further then utilising an assessment calculator! An assessment calculator offers a suggestion on how to complete projects before the due date by breaking down the writing process.

Juggling Courses

When studying multiple subjects throughout the term ensure you keep your notes organised! Keeping all your information marked in trays with sticky notes or folders will allow you to study more efficiently and effectively.

This will minimise the time it takes to find information and will let you put all your hard work to good use!

Build your Networks

Lastly, network with like-minded students! Share your own tips and tricks with others. Join CSU Facebook groups to network with those who are just starting their university journey or who are in their final year of studies.

Charles Sturt Social is one of the many groups that you can join. There are many groups to check out so have a look at all the ones relevant to you.

Good luck and have fun!

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